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5 Must- Visit Wineries Near McKinney

North Texas might not be known for its premiere wines, but the unique soil composition makes the resulting grapes from this region refreshing.  Countless wineries have cropped up in the McKinney region in the last 10 years, but these are the ones to add to your list.  Here are the top 5 must-visit wineries near McKinney.


Mitas Hill Vineyard

Known for their beautiful country-side that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another country, Mitas Hill Vineyard offers much more than just flavorful wine to their customers. With a casual yet refined atmosphere, the vineyard offers a small menu of pizzas, salads and appetizers.  Pizzas are fired right inside of their hand built pizza oven tucked into the buildings stone-façade.  The vineyard offers tours of the grounds for $20 per visitor, including a tasting of 6 wines.  Specialties include the house Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo.


Landon Winery

Set right on the square in downtown McKinney, Landon Winery is the perfect setting to enjoy local wines while listening to music.  The winery has both indoor and outdoor seating and guests can order by glass, tasting or a bottle (the best deal).  The winery bar is housed in the dark wine cellar, in the back of the facility and the Pinot Grigio and the Viognier are specialties.  Special features include Wednesday half priced bottles and $3 mimosas on Sundays!


 Wales Manor Winery & Vineyard

 Located on the outskirts of McKinney, Wales vineyard is a 3-acre clay and limestone vineyard that exclusively grows Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and Rose wines. Established in 1999, and open to the public in 2007, the vineyard is known especially for its open grounds and concert stage, set against a stone façade.  The grounds host elaborate weddings and well attended music events, such as blues and country nights, and jazz musicians. According to their site, they hosted approximately 10,000 visitors and guests in 2010 alone.  This is the prime place to enjoy a glass of wine and hear country tunes set in the serene McKinney countryside. And actually, if you go on the right day, you might find Dr. Cohen, an exceptional orthodontist in McKinney, throwing back a few bottles and crooning out a few beautiful balads!


Wales Manor winery - McKinney, Texas



Eden Hill Winery

 Owners Linda & Clark Hornbaker loved discovering new wines and visiting lush wineries in both California and Texas, so in 2003, they decided to build their dream.  About 45 miles north of downtown Dallas you can find Eden Hill.  The 10-acre property features a variety of grapes including Tempranilla and Orange Muscat.  The wines produced at Eden Hill are Tempranillo, Estate Reserve Tempranillo and Orange Muscat dessert wines.  The country-themed tasting room is open Thursday to Sunday and filling cheese plates are available to order during each tasting, to compliment the wine.  The winery also hosts ‘Sips & Sounds’ outdoor concerts as well as indoor specialty concerts with the selection of wines for tasting by the glass or bottle.  This quaint country gem is always sprinkled with seasonal flowers and a must-visit in the north McKinney area.



San Martiño Winery

Tucked into the countryside of Lavon, just outside of Rockwall, this winery has both indoor and outdoor seating, to cater to guests wishes, allowing them to unwind and relax while enjoying their selection of whites, reds and dessert wines.  Primarily well versed in reds, San Martiño offers regular tastings Thursday to Saturday—usually 5 preselected wines from their inventory.  They also offer an “Elevated Tasting Experience” for the opportunity for a wine and food pairing, crafted by an in-house chef. Family-owned, and specializing in handcrafted wines borne out of a 600-year legacy out of northern Spain, San Martiño is another must-visit winery just south of McKinney.


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How To Protect Your Business From Unscrupulous Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agencies?

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online-marketingIn every business, there are unscrupulous elements trying to damage the reputation of the business, and digital marketing industry is no different. There are some fraudulent agencies that promise instant results through their marketing campaign but ultimately show no results after spending a fortune on digital marketing activities. Choosing the right digital marketing agency matters and it needs a lot of research and analysis. Digital marketing with its innovative strategies to capture the market and reach to potential customers has provided a foundation for businesses to expand their customer base. It can be divided into internet marketing, offline marketing, and mobile marketing.

Digital marketing campaign can fit any type of business. Delegating the task to professional marketing agencies is the best way to focus on your core business. Leave the job to those who are experts at it. Digital marketing companies are trained and experienced to handle marketing tasks of any magnitude. Businesses want to devote most of their time to develop their business and have no time to learn about the emerging digital marketing techniques. It is the job of marketing agencies to create marketing campaigns that suit your business niche. For instance, if you are in Vinyl Windows Los Angeles business, then handing over the task to experts that have prior experience in construction supplies marketing would be an added advantage.

images (4)The need to digitize the marketing campaign has become essential to people moving towards mobile phones, internet TV, and electronic gadgets to gather information. Digital marketing is cheaper when compared to conventional strategies. Moreover, the attention is more in digital marketing. With better visibility your brand can excel. Choosing the right digital marketing agency is not an easy task. The choice is abundant when it comes to digital marketing, but not all are professionals. Check the nature of work and if they will be able to provide all the services related to digital marketing without having to shop hop for different services.

A full service digital marketing agency will offer web designing and development, mobile marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing, email marketing, online advertising and online reputation management. The agency should be able to provide client reference to know their success rate. All digital marketing companies have websites; go through it to understand their services and packages. The clientele list should offer a good number of clients. Testimonials also prove to be a way to gauge their success. Above all, they should be able to provide 24/7 support with live chat application.

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Effective Marketing Techniques for Dental Lawyers

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Female patient with dentist and assistant in a dental treatment,

Most dental lawyers do not new cases and clients because they do not indulge in business development activities. Moreover, they do not talk directly with potential clients or spend time in wrong activities. If you are looking for effective marketing techniques to boost your dental lawyer profession, you have come to the right page.

#1: Ensure to spend about the percentage of your profits on marketing.

It is the money you will be spending for generating new business. If you do not spend, you will not be serious about marketing. It will remain hard for you to meet potential clients. The two percentage will work in a great way when you use in a proper manner. It is slightly different to market a legal profession. You have to follow certain principles and techniques that are not suitable for other businesses.

#2: Add videos to your website.

Whenever a visitor enters your website and finds a video, it is sure they will first click on it to look what is interesting. Videos are effective for marketing. You need to create videos that target your potential clients. Ensure to create videos based on your profession. For example, if you are practicing dental law, you have to create relevant videos. It will remain useful for website visitors and potential clients. Some people will find lazy to read through the blogs and website contents. When you simply explain about your services in the form of video or PowerPoint presentation, it will easily reach the clients.

Apart from sharing in your website, you can also share in YouTube and social networking channels. It will be viewed by hundreds of dentists and other people. They may refer their friends and share anyone who is looking for dental law services.

#3: Do not spend money unnecessarily.
It is important to spend money on marketing techniques that could be measured. If you think you cannot measure, then it is a waste to invest in it. For example, public relations and advertising are widely used but it is not sure whether you get results from it. It is impossible to check such marketing techniques. If you invest in search engine optimization, you can measure its effectiveness. How many people are visiting your website? How many visitors have converted to clients? How many followers in the social media page?

#4: Research before implementing your marketing technique.

Ensure to research in a brief way before implementing the marketing technique. You have to know your competitors, present business status and much more.

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Tips to Improve the Search Engine Rankings of a Real Estate Website

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SEO-Search-Engine-RankingReal estate markets keep changing now and then. If you are experienced realtor, you need to know the importance of marketing your business on the internet. It is simple to perform search engine optimization. But you need to have good computer knowledge and be willing to spend enough time to executing the marketing techniques.

Most people will not know much about SEO or internet marketing. It is best to contact a leading real estate SEO expert for effective and cost efficient marketing ideas.

Here sharing some best ideas to promote your website in the search engine. These tips are shared by one of the leading and top real estate marketing experts.


Ensure to include videos in your website. It will help people to gain clear information about your company, background, and experience. For instance, you can create a video with your founder and share your experiences how you entered the field, what projects you have completed and the mission of your business. It depends upon your creativity. It is not mandatory to create a video as exactly as mentioned. If you want, you can add humorous contents and make an impressive video.

The videos help to rank the website top in search engine. You can share the videos in YouTube channels and other social networking channels to get high ranking in the search engine. Ensure to include your keywords in the video or the description part. The real estate brand can be marketed effectively through video marketing. The video content will impress potential clients and clients easily.

Guest posting

If you need to post on another website, you have to achieve high credibility or standards. When your posting is of high quality, the website owner will allow to post on their website. The guest posting helps to improve the rankings of the website. It is important where you are publishing your posts. Some website will ask you to pay for publishing the postings. Ensure you Copyscape your contents and post on a genuine website. If your contents are copied, then it will not create a lasting effect. It will be deleted by the website owner.

Blog submission
When you want to high well in search engines line Bing, Yahoo, and Google, it is best to take blogging route. Most website owners know this secret. The search engine focus and pays attention towards the contents you are writing and posting on the blog. It is necessary to update your blog from time to time.

Please contact an SEO expert for more interesting marketing techniques.

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Cooking Recipe Blog – Making Money with the Same

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You might have started a recipe blog with the recipes that you have experimented, but what is the way to market your blog and the recipes in it to make money. The best way is to enhance the blog constantly with new recipes consistently to keep your blog updated and bring in traffic to the website. You need to monetize the recipe blog in order to generate revenue from the same. If you wonder how you can do this, you have landed on the right page as this content details the same.

Firstly, you need to link each of the ingredients and appliances that is used to the website of the product to access the same from your blog. This way, you will be able to run a geo-targeting script determining the visitors’ country and link to their country’s online shopping page. Once you become an affiliate or associate for these sites, you can get commissions for the purchases that are made on the portal from your blog or website. The commission percentage is not too high when you promote the products as an affiliate, but there is a high trust factor involved in the process. Also, the commissions are awarded to the additional products that make it worthy enough for the efforts that you have taken.


Apart from becoming an affiliate, you can do the following tasks to make more money with your recipe idea. You can share photos on websites such as Pinterest and Flickr to attract traffic from various sources. You can embed the photos on these sites to your blog posts to reduce the bandwidth usage. Also, create unique videos of the recipes and post them on the social video platforms such as YouTube. Embed these videos into the recipe pages and increase the value of your blog or websites.

You can add your recipes to stand-alone documents. You can also add each recipe into a document with links, and export the same as a PDF file. This process can be done using free tools that are available on the internet. The single recipe booklets that you create using this process can be shared on PDF sharing sites such as SlideShare and Scribd. Imagine that you have a collection of exceptional and delicious recipes related to meatloaf, you can share the meatloaf recipe PDF files on the above mentioned platforms to get more traffic, and thereby make money using the recipes.

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SMS marketing

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Promotional offers

Send promotional offers by SMS to improve your business and increase traffic, even the days that the job usually goes poorly. For example, a restaurant can offer a free bottle of wine with dinner for two on a Tuesday night; beauty salon could offer a 2 for 1 offer for tanning in the period after the summer holidays.


SMS marketing ensures that your service reservations function on schedule.

News about the events

Produce interest in special events or use the “last chance” messages to ensure that the full capacity of your cafe, club or bar will be filled.


easy-sms-marketingGenerate interest in your goods or services.

Encourage prospects to respond to your advertising messages using the short code that can send a message to get more information on the launch of new products, and other similar actions. This allows you to collect phone numbers of people that you know are interested in the products you offer.


For example, you can send information on the opening of new stores, promotions and discounts.

Inventory Status

If a customer requires a product that you sold, you could SMS occur when replenish stocks. This communication channel is much easier, faster and cheaper way of communication by telephone. This way you maintain close contact with customers and encourage them to buy from you instead of the competition.

Customer Care

Customer care always will accelerate the sale. SMS can send order confirmation, or inform your customers about the terms when they can bring the goods ordered. Your customers will receive the message within a few seconds, no matter where they are hospitals, dentists and medical clinics.


Reminders about appointments

Missed appointments cost you a lot. The letter or reminder phone is expensive and time-consuming. By using online SMS service you can set reminders for a week within a few minutes, and your patients will receive a reminder on your appointment a day or two earlier. If you turn the phone number in the message, people can cancel a term that remains available for other patients.SMS messages are a cost-effective way to remind people to make an appointment. This is particularly applicable for the dental practice, because it is a common recommendation that dental examination done once every six months.

SMS Marketing Campaign - Setup


General practitioners can send text messages to parents to remind them of the required vaccines for their children and remind older patients to be vaccinated against flu.

sms-marketingEmployment Agencies-New job offers

SMS marketing is an ideal way to within a few seconds tell clients that you have the right job for them. You can give them a contact number or mail where to send their Curriculum Vitae. Use SMS marketing to inform customers about the new job and indicate that additional information is available on your site.

Certificates of scheduled job interviews

Their customers can send confirmation of the scheduled job interviews. A lot of big companies use it. Like Qatar airways or Etihad when they are recruiting employees for cabin crew or others.

Increase traffic to your website.

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